Why Bloom You?

The short answer is because I wish something similar existed when I moved to Austin three years ago. Blogs are great for giving you a little taste of the city from the perspective of those who are there. When I was looking up Austin lifestyle blogs I was inundated with photos of very thin blonde women eating tacos, doing yoga and attending music festivals. While I have no problem with any of these things , nothing I saw resonated with me. I had a hard time mentally inserting myself into the culture here.

Here I was, a woman of color, single mom, hip hop head and twerk enthusiast entering a world of skinny white women, extreme dog lovers, dresses worn with flip-flops, hipsters and food trucks. Honestly, I’ve embraced all of it. I can’t do flip-flops with a dress but I have worn flats which before moving here was unheard of. I even do hipster stuff like drink craft beers and order avocado toast (which I was doing way before it was a thing I might add) and wear plaid shirts.  Dogs in restaurants and bars…? Haven’t quite gotten used to that yet.

My point is I love Austin and the wide range of things it has to offer but I had to do A LOT of asking around, social media scrolling and google searching to find the events that spoke to my soul, places I could hang out without feeling like an “other” and social groups I felt comfortable in. Through my work as a dancer/choreographer and fitness instructor I’ve had the opportunity to connect with many women who have felt the same way. I want to share my personal experiences with people so there is a more colorful, flavorful representation of the city I have grown to love.

Bloom You isn’t just about Austin. It”s about blooming where you are planted and living fully on your own terms. It’s acknowledging yourself as a unique and layered individual and doing what you need to do to remain physically and mentally healthy, at peace and fulfilled. It’s not as easy as it sounds. It’s a practice. One that I am passionate about and 100% committed to. It’s about making the time and putting forth the energy do the things that have us feeling in love with life. That water us and nurture us as we continue to blossom. I share these thoughts and experiences in the hopes that others will also be inspired to Bloom You!

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